1. Promote holistic growth of horticulture sector, through area based regionally differentiated strategies, which includes research, technology promotion, extension, post harvest management, processing and marketing, in consonance with comparative advantage of each State/region and its diverse agro-climatic features.
  2. Encourage aggregation of farmers into farmer groups like FIGs/FPOs and FPCs to bring economy of scale and scope.
  3. Enhance horticulture production, augment farmers, income and strengthen nutritional security.
  4. Improve productivity by way of quality germplasm, planting material and water use efficiency through Micro Irrigation.
  5. Support skill development and create employment generation opportunities for rural youth in horticulture and post harvest management, especially in the cold chain sector.


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Sl. No Name of the Scheme Nature of funds Focus
a. Mission for integrated Development of Horticulture (MIDH) Central sponsored Scheme Fruit crops, Floriculture  and Infrastructure development
b. State Plan State Govt.
c. Rastriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY) Central sponsored Scheme Vegetable cultivation
  • Multiplication of chrysanthemum plant material and other vegetable seedlings under shadenet houses to increase productivity and quality of flowers and vegetables.
  • Promotion of plastic mulching for Melons, Chrysanthemum and Tomato to improve quality of produce.
  •  Promotion of cultivation of Tomato on Trellies to increase productivity and quality of produce.
  • Rejuvenation of Mango and Citrus to improve productivity and quality.
  • Reduce Post Harvest losses by strengthening post harvest infrastructure like Pack Houses, Integrated Pack Houses and Ripening Chambers.
  • Water security to orchards – Creation of water resources – Farm Ponds helps by providing protective irrigation during dry spells.
  • Rejuvenation & Canopy management.
  • Permanent Pandals.


Sl.No District/Division/Mandal Attached Cell No
1 Deputy Director 7995086788
2 Asst. Director, Kadapa 7995086785
3 Asst. Director, Rajampeta 7995086787

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