District Panchayat Office



In YSR District, there are 51 Revenue Mandals, from which Kadapa Mandal is declared only for urban area and the remaining 50 Mandals are belongs to Panchayat Raj Jurisdiction.  There are 9 Major and 782 Minor Gram Panchayats Totally 791 Gram Panchayats in there 50 Rural Mandals in the District.  The District is divided into three Divisions as follows. The total population of the District is 1973936 as per 2011 census.



Powers and Functions of the District Panchayat Officer:-

  • Exercise supervision and control over the Divisional Panchayat Officers, Extension Officer(PR&RD)s and their Staff in the District.
  • Exercise supervision and control over the Gram Panchayats and their executives and also provide guidence to them.
  • Inspect all notified Gram Panchayats whose income exceeds Rs.21.00 Lakhs in every year and visit other Gram Panchayats as many as possible for the purpose of inspection, superintendance and conducting of enquiries etc.,and shall see that all Gram Panchayats are inspected by himself.
  • Inspect the offices of all DLPOs and Extension Officer(PR&RD) in the District in every year.

Duties and Responsibilities of Panchayat Secretary :-

  • She/he shall maintain the required registers of the Gram Panchayat and collect taxes promptly.
    He/She shall prepare the draft list of heads of households under the poverty line, keeping the names starting with the lowest levels of income and upward.
    He/She should identify the needs of village and assist in preparation of village plans.
    She/he shall maintain births and deaths registration primarily as per act and rules and also issue Birth and Death Certificates.
    He/She shall assist in work relating to payment of old age pension, widow pension, disabled pen attend meetings of V.T.D.A. and assist V.T.D.A in preparation of Micro Plans and in implementing them.
  • She/he shall assist authorities during the floods, cyclone, accidents etc., and take up preventive, relief and rehabilitation work.
    She/he shall report any outbreak of communicable diseases especially Malaria, Japanese encephalitis and Gastroenteritis and other such diseases to the nearest Primary Health Center immediately.
    She/he shall monitor the anti malaria spraying of insecticides in the villages.
  • She/he shall assist the integrated child development scheme functionaries in implementing their various activities.

Details of Gram Panchayats in the District:-

S.No Name of the Division No.of Mandals in Division No.of  Clusters in the Division No.of Panchayat Secretaries working No.of Gram Panchayats in the Division
Major Minor aTotal
1 Kadapa 17 127 116 03 250 253
2 Rajampeta 17 114 110 03 260 263
3 Jammalamadugu 16 130 120 03 272 275
Total 50 371 346 09 782 791

House Tax Details of the Gram Panchayats in YSR District:

S.No. No.of Mandals No.of Gram Panchayats No.of Households

in the Gram Panchayats

Total Demand in Rs.
1 50 791 4,66,309 17,86,56,105

Implementation of Solid Waste Management in the Gram Panchayats in YSR District:

1.SWPC Sheds:

  • No.of Gram Panchayats in the District                                                           ::           791
  • No.of Estimates Generated for construction of SWPC Sheds                    ::           797
  • No.of SWPC Sheds  completed                                                                         ::           789

2.Supplying of Tri-Cycles:

  • No.of Gram Panchayats in the District                                                   ::           791
  • No.of Tri-Cycles Required                                                                     ::           1989
  • No.of Tri-Cycles Positioned                                                                   ::           1488

3.Positioning of Green Ambassadors in the Gram Panchayats:

  • No.of Gram Panchayats in the District                                                   ::           791
  • No.of Green Ambassadors Required                                                       ::           1989
  • No.of Green Ambassadors Positioned                                                     ::           1989