District Disaster Management Plan


A DISASTER means a sudden calamitous event bringing great damage, loss or destruction. Natural disasters broadly a sudden or great misfortune of failure. The partly was a Disaster.

Disaster Management:

The Organisation and management of resources and responsibilities for dealing with all humanitarians aspects of emergencies, in particular preparedness, response and recovery in order to lessen the impact of the disasters is the Disaster Management.

As per the instructions of the Government vide G.O.Ms.No. 1436, Revenue (DM III) Department, Dt: 14.11.2007, the District Disaster Management Authority is constituted at District level with the following officers.

1. The Collector and District Magistrate : Chairperson, Ex-Officio
2. The Chairperson of the Zilla Parishad : Co-Chairperson
3. The Superintendent of Police : Member
4. The Joint Collector : Member Convener and the Chief Executive Officer of the District Authority
5. The Project Director, DRDA : Member
6. The Chief Executive Officer of Zilla Parishad : Member
7. The District Medical and Health Officer :  Member


There is possibility of occurrence of the following natural disasters in the YSR Kadapa District.


2.Floods/Heavy Rains

3.Heat Waves




The Primary cause of drought is deficiency of rainfall and in particular, the timing, distribution and intensity of this deficiency in relation to existing reserves. A prolonged period of relatively dry weather leading to drought is a widely recognized climate anomaly. Drought can be devastating as water supplies dry up, crops fail to grow, animals die and malnutrition and ill health become widespread. The environmental effects of drought, including salinisation of soil and ground water decline, increased pollution of fresh water and echo systems and regional extinction of animal species.

The Drought situation prevails most frequently  in the district. YSR Kadapa district experience 19 droughts years during the past 23 years.

The concerned line departments viz., Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Rural Water Supply, Public Health, Women and Child Welfare, Civil Supplies, Ground Water and Rural Development have taken various measures to mitigate the drought situations in the district during the drought years.

During 2018-19, Government has declared all 51 Mandals  during Kharif and 43 Mandals during Rabi as drought affected. All the Line Departments have taken various measures to mitigate the drought situation in the district.


2. Flood / Heavy Rains:


Natural Disaster Management Division has defined Floods as – “Floods are temporary inundation of large regions as a result of an increase in reservoir, or of river flooding their banks because of heavy rains, high winds, cyclones, storm surge along the coast, Tsunami, melting snow or dam Bursts”. The Flood is also defined as an overflow of expanse of water that submerge land.

  • Floods due to heavy Rains occurred in the District during 2001, 2005, 2009, 2010 and 2015.
  • In october 2001, the Heavy rainfall during North East Monsoon caused floods in Papagni, Kundu, Bahuda and Sagileru rivers and water flow the through the low-lying areas causing huge loss i.e., 73,488 houses are damaged and 63 Human lost their lives and 9,508 hectares of Agriculture and Horticulture crops damaged.
  • On account of receipt of heavy rains Buggavanka Project which is located at 7 Kms from Kadapa Town, has received heavy flow on the night of 15.10.2001.
  • Due to receipt of water from Uddimadugu and Rallavanka rivulets and release of flood water from Buggavanka project into Buggavanka the low-lying areas of Kadapa town has faced flash flood and marooned without any communication for two days with the remaining part of the state causing huge loss.
  • The Fire Service personnel have participated in Rescue and rehabilitation operation and rescued number of people and bailed out the water from dwelling houses, offices and other occupancy buildings and also supplied the drinking water to the public from Fire Tenders and necessary mitigations measures are taken by the concerned departments.
  • In October 2009, unprecedented floods were received in Kundu river due to which Nandyal Town of Kurnool District was isolated for 5 days from the other world as Kundu encircled the entire Nandyal Town. As a result, the water of the Kundu River has entered in kadapa District through its wings. Due to this, the villages surrounding Kundu River in Kadapa District have suffered huge damages to the public and private properties i.e., 2,302 houses are damaged, 8,104 Hectares of Agricultural and Horticulture crops was damaged. 52.35 Kms of Panchayath Raj and 99 Roads and Buildings Roads were damaged.
  • During November & December, 2010 Heavy rains are received causing damage to 90,158 Hectares of Agriculture and Horticulture crops and 343 Animal loss in the District.
  • During 2015, Heavy rains were received in the district covering mostly Kadapa and Rajampet Revenue Divisions and nearly 15 human lives were lost and necessary financial assistance was provided by the Government to the Family members.
  • During March, 2018, Heavy winds are received in the Vontimitta Mandal on the event of Sri Kodanda Ramaswamy Kalyanothsavam on 30th March, 2018 causing death of 4 persons and injuries to 39 persons.
  • During 2019, necessary precautionary measures have taken like arranging NDRF Rescue Teams, creating awareness among students and people by organizing Mock Drills by Fire Department and NDRF Rescue Teams, the event of Sri Kodanda Ramaswamy kalyanothsavam was performed peacefully without any untoward incidents.


3. Heat Waves:


A Prolonged period of abnormally Hot Weather. When a Heat Wave occurs, many people become increasingly bad-tempered.

During Summer the Heat Waves occurs in the District and the following measures are being taken in the district to create awareness among the public to mitigate the Heat Waves.


  • Construction of Drinking water points at various places.
  • Supply of Drinking water by Tankers in Rural and Urban areas.
  • Supply of Butter Milk to the people at free of cost.
  • Conducting of Awareness camps and Medical Camps in the Rural and Urban areas by the Medical and Health Departments.
  • The Do’s and Don’ts are given wide publicity among the public by distributing the pamplets and sticking the posters are various conspicuous places in the Rural and Urban areas.



The following departments will provide the preparatory arrangements for facing the disaster in the District.

1. Fire

2. Fisheries

3. Medical and Health Dept


  1. Fire Department : Foam Tenders, Advance Water Tenders, Water Tenders, Mist Jeeps, Mist Bullets, Fire Suits etc. These are available at the District Fire Office are being used for preventing of Disaster intime.
  2. Fisheries Department:-  The department is prepared to provide necessary help to the victims at the time of Flooding through Life Jackets and Country Boats along with Yatch Swimmers.
  3. Medical and Health Department : Medical and Health Departments supplies the Medicines and First Aid Kits, Spine Boards, Stretchers, Incubators, Portable Ventilators etc at the time of emergency for taking rescue operations to the victims.