Revenue Activities

District Level Activities

1 Grant & Renewal of Arms Licenses
2 Grant & Renewal of Explosive Licenses
3 Issue of Prosecution Order
4 Issue of No Objection Certificate
5 Issue of form .L.
6 Grant of N.O.C for Construction of Cinema Building
7 Grant of Cinema License
8 Grant & Renewal of Video License
9 Sanction of exgratia relief to the victims of extremist violence in case of death or serious injuries
10 Sanction of exgratia relief to the properties of damage in extremist violence
11 Sanction of immediate relief to the surrendered extremists
12 Land alienation
13 Transfer of Land (Departmental)
14 Land Acquision
15 Verification of Caste Certificate
16 Sanction of Gratuity
17 Sanction of exgratia of Apathbandhu scheme
18 Issue of certified copies
19 Granting levy delivery certificates
20 Issue & Renewal of license for petroleum products
21 Issue & Renewal of Food Grain License (pulses)

These various subjects are dealt by various sections headed by section Superindents. The section wise activities are:

Subjects dealing in the Collectorate

Section Subject Charge officer
A Establishment & Office Procedure Administrative Officer
B Accounts, Audit & Apathbandhu Superintendent
C Magisterial & Cinematography Act Superintendent
D Land Revenue, Natural Calamities & Relief Superintendent
E Land Administration Tahsildar
F Suits, Court Work & Settlement Superintendent
G Land Acquisition Superintendent
H Protocol, Elections Grievances Superintendent
I Land Reforms Authorised Officer


Divisional Level Activities:

1 Refund of unused/ spoiled Stamps
2 Civil Suppliers
3 Endowment and Wakf Board
4 Issue of certified copy of Record
5 Pensions


Mandal Level Activities:
1 Issue of Caste, Income & Residence Certificates
2 Issue of Birth and Death Certificates
3 Grant of House Site Pattas & Posession Certificates
4 Grant of Eksala Permission
5 Sub-Division of Land Records
6 Entry of Cultivator name in Land Records
7 Issue of DKT Pattas
8 Adangal/Pahani Extract
9 Ration Card  related works – Issue of New card, Inclusion of address, change in address & Issue of surrender certificate