Pushpagiri is on the banks of Pennar (Pinakini) 16 Kms from Cuddapah City. It is well known for its numerous temples. Vaishnavas call it as Madhya Ahobhilam and Saivas as Madhya Kailasam.

The Amrita Sarovar would be a thrilling experience, according to local legend, about its sanctity – when Garuda was carrying nectar from Indra Loka, one drop of it fell at this place and turned the pool into a sacred one. One day an old farmer vexed with his wretched life jumped into the pool to commit suicide. The fall transformed him into a young man. He was so astonished by this and made his wife and oxen to take dip in the pool. They were also turned into young.

The news of the sacred pool spread all over the place and all people started thronging at this place to become young. The news reached Satya Loka, Brahma invoked the help of Lord Vishnu & Lord Siva. They instructed Anjaneya to close the pool. Anjaneya dropped a hill in the pool, but instead of sinking the hill started floating like a flower. Lord Vishnu & Lord Siva decided to clamp their feet at the ends. The imprint of the foot of Siva became famous as Rudrapada and that of Vishnu’s as Vishnupada.

Pushpagiri is now called as a second Hampi, is one of the important Advaitha Mutts established by Sankaracharya and is the only place in Andhra Pradesh where the holy Peetham of Sankaracharya is located.

The largest and best known among temples, is the Chennakesava Temple, which according to the earliest inscriptions found  in the temple complex, dates back to 1298 A.D. The dancing Ganapati and Krishna preaching the Bhagavad Geetha to Arjuna are remarkable pieces of Art.

The annual temple festival is conducted for 10 days in March-April.

Other temples of interest here include Trikuteswara, Durga, Shiva, Rudrapada and Devi, which are remarkable for their architectural precision and excellent images.