Brahmamgari Matham

B Mattam

Brahmamgari Matham was built in Kandimallayapalli after his death.Kandimallayapalli is the place where Sri Potuluri Veerabrahmam, who was famous for his predictions and foresight about the future of the world, stayed.

Veerabrahmam is the only futurologist that the East has produced.  He entered Jeeva Samadhi in the year 1693.

The walls are covered with the preaching and predictions of Veerabrahmam.

B Mattam

Places of tourist interest in and around Mattam:

  • Siddaiah Jeeva Samadhi
  • Eswaramma Temple
  • Poleramma Temple
  • Veerabrahmam Reservoir (Telugu Ganga Project)

How to reach  :  Located 60 Kms from Cuddapah on Cuddapah  Porumamilla route.