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Meeseva Centers
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1.  Ameen Peer Dargah
Ameen Peer Dargah (Asthana-e-Magdoom Ilahi Dargah complex)(Badi Dargah, Pedda Dargah) in Kadapa is an example of the communal harmony preached by great saints and sages in ancient days. Come Thursday and Friday, scores of pilgrims cutting across religious faiths, throng the 300-year-old shrine seeking blessings of saints Peerullah Hussaini and Arifullah Hussaini II who lie buried here. Followers of the dargah believe that any wish that one makes at the shrine is always fulfilled. A large number of Hindus, Muslims and people of different faiths are disciples of the shrine. The family descendants identify themselves with a saffron dresss and the disciples wear a saffron cap.
Hazrath Rafeeq Shah Vali Saab is said to be a saviour of people suffering from mental illness and evil spirits.the shrine is one of the most peaceful and serene spots in Kadapa, free from distracting noises. One should pay a visit to this shrine to savour the magic of silence, if not for anything else!
2.  Nandalur
Nandalur is on the west bank of river Cheyyeru. Once it was a famous Buddhist centre in Rayalaseema. In 1913 Buddhist caves and viharas were discovered.
Sowmyanath Temple, here is a very big temple, situated nearly on ten acres of site. It is a replica of Thiruvannamalai and patronized by Cholas, Pandyas, Kakatiyas, Vijayanagara, Pottapi and Matli Kings.Here most of the inscriptions, are in Tamil. Lord Sowmyanatha is installed on an elevated place and attracts pilgrims with his glittering beauty.
The temple and Buddhist caves are worth seeing at this town and is well connected by road and rail.
How to Reach: It is on the Cuddapah-Chennai highway and is at a distance of 38 KMs from Cuddapah.
3.  Pushpagiri Temple
Pushpagiri Temple is a Advaita philosophy, popular as second Hampi, with 17 ancient temples history of the 11th to 16th century inVallur mandal, regarding 15 km. from Kadapa, nearest Pennar river. The bridge of 285 metres length and a pair of.50 metres breadth, calculable to price Rs. 5 crore, was approved by the regime beneath the Heritage business Circuit programme from Sri Kamakshi Vaidyanatha Swamy temple, pushpagiri temple on the rivers of Pennar river to Sri Hindu deity Chennakesava Swamy temple on the opposite bank, superintending engineer of panchayet rule S. Jagath Kumar told The Hindu . The 20-km travel from the Sri Lakshmi Chennakesava Swamy temple to succeed in Sri Kamakshi Vaidyanatha Swamy temple, pushpagiri temple by road, while not venturing to cross Pennar river that has many whirlpools, would be bog down to half km. as a result of the bridge.
4.  Devuni Kadapa
Devuni Kadapa is additionally called Tirumala TholiGadapa. Sri Lakshmi Venkateswara Swamy Devasthanam. The place Kadapa is called once the word Gadapa that is originated from the word Devuni Gadapa means that â??Entrance for The Lord Venkateswara Swamy. The Idol of the Lord Venkateswara has been established by Kripacharya, thence the traditional name of Devuni kadapa is additionally mentioned in puranas as Kripavathi Kshetram. Pilgrims WHO are on the point of visit Lord Venkateswara `this is because 1st they need to hope Annamacharya and potuluri veerabramhendra swamy. This temple is extremely far-famed in kadapa district, people from numerous places visit this temple, and this temple is mostly crowded on Saturdays.
5.  Sidhout Fort
Built in 1303 AD, the fort stands on the banks of river Pennar and covers an area of 30 acres. The majestic gateways at the two ends have embellished pillars and intricate carvings of Gajalakshmi at the top. 17 square bastions which protected the area are still an impressive sight. A special feature of the fort is an ancillary passage allowing people to enter when the main gates are closed.
Often referred to as the gateway to Srisailam or Dakshina Kasi, Sidhout Fort also encompasses beautifully sculpted temples inside its premises. These included Siddheswara, Bala Brahma, Ranganayaka Swamy and a Durga Temple that attracts numerous pilgrims
How to reach : Located near Siddhavatam, around 25 Kms from Cuddapah
6.  Mariyapuram Church
In the beginning the Mariapuram church was a substation of St. Francis Xaviera's Church in Aluva. It was Rev. Msgr. Fr. Augustine Mavely who built this Church at shore of river Periyar. On the 13th April 1955, Rev. Dr. Joseph Attipetti blessed the new church which was a fulfilment of the dreams of many Catholics of the Muthirapadam. At the time of Fr. Maveli many Carmelite priest who also came from Thottumukham sacred heart monastery to render service in the newly established church at Muthirapadam. Following the blessing of the newly built church there was Holy Mass on every Sundays and in the year 1995 the Archdiocesan curia officially granted permission to celebrate Holy Mass on all Sundays and feast days also to conduct the Way of the Cross.
Chief Minister
Sri. Nara Chandra Babu Naidu